Monday, November 22, 2010


Waving hand to room 1, fitted into Hematology dept for coming days.
Starting solo soon.
While being put under *ahem*'s surveillance for the moment.
Imagine how busy was to cope with 50 over specimens alone in the morning.
No time to take even a sip.
Maybe somebody's prayer worked.. (Father god why?)
To make bad worse, have to listen to her preachment which is highly distractible
while both hands and brain are occupied.
Reviewed by Mr law in afternoon.
Initially thought that I was lagging behind.
Luckily wasn't.
Got a lovely little pendant from Yap.(Thanks) Jackie's koala has finally got a companion =)


  1. hey there,cool blog...keep updating so i can know wats goin on around the lab..kekekke...kpoh me....!

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