Monday, November 22, 2010


Waving hand to room 1, fitted into Hematology dept for coming days.
Starting solo soon.
While being put under *ahem*'s surveillance for the moment.
Imagine how busy was to cope with 50 over specimens alone in the morning.
No time to take even a sip.
Maybe somebody's prayer worked.. (Father god why?)
To make bad worse, have to listen to her preachment which is highly distractible
while both hands and brain are occupied.
Reviewed by Mr law in afternoon.
Initially thought that I was lagging behind.
Luckily wasn't.
Got a lovely little pendant from Yap.(Thanks) Jackie's koala has finally got a companion =)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hands keep trembling since last sat..
Parkinson's disease at my age? NO WAY!!
Didn't knock my head by accident.. couldn't be neurological trauma..
Drug abuse? No.. those chinese medicine aren't a shot in the arm..
What the **** is going wrong with my hands..

Pissed-off day, missed a vein, the patient was keep shitting..
And the worst part, she DID hint me to track down the veins on both arms until i'm ready to go.
Guess what? I didn't. Acting cool is certainly perk but can't be any more cooler when u failed.
LOL. I deserve it alright? I deserved.

Ok, Bitter part's over. Here's the sweet.
HURRAY~ Love it to bits!
A powerhouse under its extra-slim and sleek housing.
Wifi connectivity, 5mp CarlZeiss camera, and most amazingly, 16-buttons keypad (classic 12 with 4 shortcuts) laying beneath the fascinating 2.4" touch screen.
Its so brilliant, so blessed. I should've made an unboxing video for it.
Thanks to nokia, u bring imagination to real again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make a difference

Starline is sucks.
Putting me on the late-to-work spree.
Signal interruption from control center, mend it!
Ventilation system's down, fix it!
People are not paying for a sweaty long haul.
Anyway, finally got a parking space.
Drive to work tomorrow =D
A new staff is joining us.
She's been there for 2 days but we've by far no conversation yet
The worst part is that ..hmm.. what's her name *-*
Now's on quirky schedule. morning at room 1, evening in room 2.
hematology is challenging but somehow i'm still capable to bring things down.
Maybe the tempest is yet to come.
Thanks for your consolation for bad dream.
Its doesn't make so bad since then.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miracle rain

New sheet.
Moving to room 2.
Learning new lab info system.
Tung shin lab is slowly turning into Roche bay.
Something embarrassing happened in afternoon.
Poked a donor but,
No blood came out from the tip...
Tried remedy but gave up in the end.
"This's gonna be widely spread.." was the first thought came into my head.
I DON'T WANNA MISS A VEIN!!! anymore...
Zee Yean, if you're reading..
Remember how we met each other? How our friendship began?
The same happened today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Red monday

Started to work independently.
Which is much more enjoyable.
Find myself kinda unsuitable to work under hypertension.
Anyway, started enjoying poking people.
Love kids but not their cries.
Talked to someone on the way back.
Our first direct conversation?

Weird feeling storms my mind.
I know it's happening.
Won't let it go nasty this time.
God, do something.
I plead guilty.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday night frigid

Saturday is ending in self-imprisoned at home for day long.
0700, starting of a day.
0830, got my first task today.
1030, nothing to do but swear.
1230, get home and call it a day.
Life turns monochrome soon after stepping into real world.
Life can be well planned but doesn't move exactly as schemed.
Surprise? Learn at a price.
Life moves in straight line, unsustainable.
Those roads not taken, go brighter or worser?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Trainee as trainer

3 young faces at our workplace.
Its been 2 weeks.
A graceful one, a smart one, and a cute one.
I'm still new, fresh but not raw, giving my best in sharing knowledge with the trio.
Wonder if its working outright.
Meanwhile, hopefully got myself progressing on right track.
Maybe some fine tuning is still in need.
Great kick-started of the day, with 4 well-done ward calls.
Found myself kinda lost in something, Cantonese, time to work on it.
Maybe not =)